Kia Soul EV 2018

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2018 Kia Soul EV - an updated version of the popular hatchback received a battery with a capacity of 30 kWh. The electric car retains all the advantages of the "mother" Soul, acquiring an additional power reserve and as a result an extended range of use.

The appearance of the electric car is its main strength. Kia Soul EV is one of the few cars in which the brutal exterior looks extremely attractive. In the world of car design, where the sloping and curved shapes are respected, Kia Soul EV looks like a real "black sheep" with a huge amount of admirers.

The square shape and almost right angles of the body of the Kia Soul EV create a special format for the car, which is stuck between the two classes - it is no longer a hatchback in the classic sense of the word, but also a crossover - an average, which people nevertheless like very much. The electromobile may seem cumbersome, it does not have open radiator grilles, the rims have wide spokes, but the feeling of gravity disappears as soon as you sit behind the wheel of the car.

Interior of Kia Soul EB
Salon Kia Soul EV on the level of decoration can be classified as "above average". It would be a little more expensive materials and the price of an electric vehicle would be unaffordable for the target audience, which is evidently felt by the company's designers creating the interior of the car.
The interior is discreet and refined, it features premium notes in the texture of the finish, in an ergonomic layout, attention to detail. There is no outcry, everything is practical. Comfortable seats are equipped with heating, as well as the steering wheel of an electric car to use the function of which in the cold season is more appropriate.
Despite the fact that Kia Soul EV is a small car, its square shape allows you to use the interior space to the maximum, although you should not flatter yourself and count on luxurious rear sofas. There are plenty of seats for all front and rear passengers, but the three "broad-shouldered" adults will be cramped from behind.
The trunk of the electric car offers plenty of space for the luggage, albeit inferior to other hatchbacks. The rear row of seats is expanded individually increasing the volume of the trunk and retaining one seat.
Power Plant Kia Soul EV 2018
Power is not the prerogative of this electric vehicle, created for quiet operation in urban conditions. Kia Soul EV 2018 is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 109 hp and a torque of 210 Nm.

Driving performance
With a solid mass and low chassis, Soul EV is driven very confidently and competently. The steering is responsive, although not very communicative. The aggressive regenerative braking system allows you to control the Soul EV using only one pedal, as in cars on the golf course. On the highway, the electric car feels quite confident, coping well with overtaking and driving in the general flow of cars.

Equipment Kia Soul EV includes:
DC Fast Charging port;
charger for 6.6 kW;
16-inch alloy wheels;
remote key;
full electropackage;
automatically lights;
automatic climate control;
height-adjustable driver's seat;
steering column with height adjustment;
on-board computer;
multimedia system with 5-inch screen;
rear view camera;
iPod / USB port.
Optional electric car can be improved: mirrors with turn signals, navigation system with 8-inch monitor, voice control, leather interior, electric mirrors, parking sensors, heated rear seat, dimming rearview mirror.
Among the special features can be noted the climate planning mode, which allows you to preheat or cool the car interior while it is charging.

Kia Soul EV Security
Each model Kia Soul EV is equipped with a rear-view camera and six airbags (two front and side in front, two side curtains at the back). Optional front and rear parking sensors are available.
Unambiguous minus - the absence of automatic emergency braking, monitoring of blind areas, adaptive cruise control, an alert system for leaving your lane.

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Kia Soul EV 2018

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Body type Хэтчбек
Year of issue: 2018
Mileage 0 km
Mileage on charge: 228 km
Acceleration to 100 km / h: 11.2 sec
Battery capacity 30 kWh
Color Blue
Maximum speed 145 km/h

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