Flying cars - Ilon Mask against

Flying cars - Ilon Mask against
30 May 2018

Ilon Mask - the head of the company Tesla Motors believes that the appearance of flying cars in large quantities is too much risk for people on the ground. The entrepreneur said this at an event dedicated to his start-up The Boring Company, so told CNET.

"In the future there will be a huge number of flying vehicles chaotically moving in the air. There will necessarily be those who will not service their cars properly. This will inevitably lead to a fall from the sky, say, tires, which someone will tear off his head, "- said Musk.

Indeed, now is probably the time to begin to worry about the safety of "walking on the ground", but on the other hand it is not very hard to believe in the full impartiality of the head of the company which is about to get bogged down. Now we hear more often about projects and plans for the creation and commissioning of flying machines. For example, very large companies such as Airbus and Boeing are working on such projects. Uber's taxi service wants to make its taxi flying, and in Dubai are already testing this service with cars from the German startup Volocopter. After all, Toyota is working on a flying car, which promises to present a ready-made model in 2020 at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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