Nissan, Honda и Toyota желают захватить рынок электромобилей

Nissan, Honda и Toyota желают захватить рынок электромобилей
17 May 2018

The largest automakers in Japan are going to join forces to produce solid-state batteries, with which they will be able to increase the range of their electric vehicles.

According to the Nikki Asian Review, Nissan, Honda and Toyota are going to start cooperation with the Libtec battery manufacturer (Lithium-Ion Battery Technology and Evaluation Center), and also connect Panasonic and GS Yuasa battery manufacturers to this ambitious initiative. The main objective of this partnership is to obtain commercially viable solid-state batteries that will help get a large part of the electric vehicle market. What is interesting for the promotion of this project even connected the government. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of the country will provide Libtec with funding in the amount of $ 14.6 million - this is how it became known from the media.

Solid-state batteries solve several important problems and disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries. First, they have a higher energy density, which will allow a larger amount of energy to be inserted into the same battery size. Secondly, they do not use liquid electrolytes due to which there is a danger of fire during a serious accident. Thirdly, they should be simpler in production and in the future will become cheaper than modern lithium-ion batteries.

If everything goes according to plan, then Libtec will make a solid-state battery, which will increase the range of electric vehicles to 550 km in 2025. And by 2030, the power reserve will increase to 800 km.

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