Application for electric car Zeekr 001/007/X/009. Why a master account?

Our advantages

Welcome to FDrive! We are here to help you with the right choice of electric vehicle. To our clients we offer cars for every taste with the best quality. Under the order, we can pick up the car exactly according to your requirements and your capabilities.

Company Details

Car Tracking

When ordering a car we provide up-to-date information on its location.

Fair prices

Always competitive prices for all types of cars.

Actions and discounts

Flexible system of discounts, profitable offers from banks.

Individual approach

Professional consultations and individual approach to each client.

Bring any car to order

We help with selection, ordering, customs clearance and transportation. We offer full support before the first registration, assistance with the preparation of all necessary documents.

We not only offer to buy an electric car, but also comprehensively support customers. You can only choose and pay for the car.

More about the service

Electric car is profitable

The price of an environmentally friendly car pays off due to significant savings.

You no longer need to pay for gasoline, for oil and filters, for expensive vehicle inspections, etc. Prices for electric vehicles are listed on the website. Buy the future now! Come to our showroom and take a free test drive to feel all the advantages of an electric car.

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on the cost
of fuel and TO

Petrol car

Average consumption of a similar car C class 10 liters per 100 km

l * ghr = ghr

During this period, 2 maintenance operations take place

2 * = ghr

Amount of costs per year

+ = ghr

Electric Vehicle

Full charge 8 hours, 3 kW consumption

(8 ч * 3 кВт) * ghr = ghr

A full charge is enough for 150 km, a charge from an ordinary outlet with 220 grounding. As a result, 1 km costs

ghr / 150 km = ghr

Amount of costs per year

km * = ghr

Electric Vehicle Benefit Calculator

Driving in a day

~ km per year

~ km per month

You save a year


3 years of electric vehicle operation pays 50% of its cost + to save money, you care about ecology

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Hello, we are glad that you visited our site. We will help you find out the cost of an electric vehicle, tell you about their features and advantages. By the way minuses of electric cars are getting smaller every day.

You can come to our salon and feel the beauty of driving an electric car. It is located at Kyiv, st. Nikolay Pimonenka 13, building 8А.

You can buy an electric car from a wide range in stock. We can also select a custom model according to your criteria, we can bring any electric car from China.

Let's list the most popular ones: Volkswagen ID. 4, ID 6, Honda M-NV, Neta U, Nio ES8, Nissan Sylphy, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3, Chevrolet Menlo, Volkswagen e-Lavida, Hyundai Lafesta, Ford Territory, Mercedes-Benz EQC, BMW iX, Renault K-ZE.

How do I charge?

Electric vehicles are charged from a conventional grounded socket. You pay for "fuel" about 22 UAH/100 km. Half as much, only 11 UAH if you have a two-zone meter and you will be charged at the night rate. There are two options, the first is to charge from a standard charger, which is always included with an electric car, its speed will be approximately 3 kW / h. The second is to get a charging station that will charge the electric car faster - they come in different charging rates, but usually it is 7 kWh. Outside the home - an electric car, for example, can be charged at one of the network of TOKA gas stations, common in Kyiv, Odessa, Lvov. There are high-speed chargers for electric vehicles thanks to which you can charge your electric car at 50 kW per hour very quickly.

Where to charge?

In Kiev at the moment, there are about 550 stations for electric vehicles and their number is constantly increasing. If you need it, you can easily find the electric refueling on the route of your route with the help of the PlugShare service, this service shows the points of charge around the world.

Advantages of FDrive

We not only offer to buy an electric vehicle, but also comprehensively support customers:

We offer a free test drive;
We provide consultations 24 hours a day (the cost of the service is already included in the purchase price);
install fast turnkey stations;
You can see the list of electric cars on the electric vehicles page. Buy the future now!